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Island Shopping in Seychelles for AntiLand ™ - The Island

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I created several companies uniting tens of millions of people online. One of them focuses on letting people express themselves with no fear of any judgment. It turned out so, that many of our clients and most of my friends want a similar place to be able to freely express themselves offline. As a result, we decided to invest in renting or buying an island within 10 years to create an isolated offline community on an island. The core value of this community must be karma instead of money. That means your social status depends on the positive deeds you make for the community, not on the money you managed to earn or steal. We want this island to be a therapeutic resort, where any person can be fully detoxicated from the Internet and cellular connection, alcohol, and drugs, as well as be engaged in such therapeutic activities as growing plants, building bungalows, making clothes and furniture, painting, composing music, and having meditative conversations. People may visit the island whenever they want or even stay there forever.

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